Agrotech is specialist in supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry. We deliver complete range of reflectors and light fittings in 600/1000 watt 240/400 volts. Successful supplemental lighting starts with a thorough weighing of many factors. This starts with a well-considered lighting plan. Light fittings, reflectors, pattern and distance between lamp and crop must be optimally geared to one another. Besides that it is important to know what the desired light levels are. And what is the construction of the greenhouse like? What is the interaction between lighting, irrigation, screening and heating? At what level will the lighting have its optimum effect?


Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can give a perfect advice on the best possible combination of all these factors. This way you will achieve optimum results with a minimum number of light fittings.


We deliver supplemental lighting systems that combine innovation and reliability. Systems that do what they have been designed to do:


We want you to be sure that you earn the designation "Well Grown" in abundance with your crop yield.