When cultivating crops under glass, a good heating system is indispensable. Energy sources, such as oil and natural gas as well as hot water obtained from elsewhere, are too costly to waste.


Typical Dutch greenhouses heating installations:

In co-operation with the different suppliers of energy sources we make a complete hydraulic lay out, which forms the basis for an energy efficient installation.


For a heating system there is really only one requirement. It should do its work without calling attention to itself. Heating is the most important component of climate control. You must be able to trust it implicitly and to be sure that the system meets current and future energy requirements.


Agrotech technicians will design a heating system tailored to your needs, whether this entails pipe-rail heating, top or hoist heating, floor heating, boiler house installation and heat storage systems, or steam and heat exchangers. Agrotech designs several CO2 dosing installations in which we actually dose the flue gases from the boiler to the greenhouse compartment and we design installations and vaporizers for dosing of pure liquid CO2.

Agrotech will find the right balance between costs and effectiveness. Also, because we see it as a logical extension, we will ensure a good after-care service.