Growing Systems resulting in better operating returns for every grower. Thanks to increased yield of top-quality products in environmentally friendly and labour friendly surroundings

Steel growing systems

A wide range of steel growing systems developed and produced. Systems for the professional production of vegetables, fruits, flowers, small trees and more crops. Each system goal is to achieve optimal yield in quality and quantity for every grower and every crop. Taking care of the best performances of your plants and the artificial substrates. In every system, customized options are available to meet your specific project requests. For the professional solutions at the lowest costs, you can make a choice from 3 types of basic systems:

Gutter growing systems
Pot culture growing systems
Wire rack growing systems

These growing systems are already economically proven, because of all their features:

  • 100% collection of drain-water and available for recycling
  • reduced risks of botrytis and other diseases thanks to optimal air circulation
  • substrates are no longer in contact with the drain water
  • increased hygiene thanks to cleaner walkways
  • increased productivity thanks to the ideal work height
  • increased yield uniformity and quality
  • optimal view at the working process and Labour management
  • optimal irrigation uniformity thanks to the same horizontal position of all the substrates
  • no more soil leveling and profiling needed