Irrigation of plants is a complicated matter. A plant will only grow if heating, lighting, ventilation and the supply of water and fertilizer are geared with the most care.


The installations regulating these matters are becoming increasingly complicated. Computers are now a part of the horticultural industry. The substrate irrigation device is the heart of a well-conceived water and fertilizer- dosing system, ensuring that water is including main and microelements applied to the plant continuously, and in the appropriate concentration.


Agrotech designed an integrated system for regular capillaries or compact pressure-compensated drippers, with the advantages that oxygen is maintained in the dripper, bacterial growth is avoided and the temperature in the drip hose is lower.


Pump units

Agrotech Didam with partner Stolze International are building large range of pump units, provided with filters and fertilizer dosing pumps. All our pump units are built according to the specifications of each customer. The pump unit, is the heart of your irrigation system, designed and constructed to be extremely reliable and safe to operate. Failure of the irrigation can mean the loss of your cultivation!


Mixing tanks

Applying a mixing tank dosing unit, water and fertilizer are mixed in an open tank before being pumped to the plants. For this purpose the fertilizers get joined in the mixing tank by dosing pumps on the basis of computer settings. This continuous process of dosing is monitored by computer, EC and pH sensors. The longer residence time in the mixing tank guarantees an optimal mixture to the irrigation water. All pumps, filters, switch panels and components are assembled on a very robust frame of stainless steel and wired and tested before delivery. Mixing tank dosing units can be supplied in capacities between 6 and 250m3/hours.