Growing crops on a Hydroponic system provides a tremendous gain in production volume as well as production cost reductions. This is due to the efficient use of production space and the mechanization and simplification of labour. Growing with hydroponics is easy and reliable. The return on investment in a hydroponic system is estimated at two to five years.

Unique to the system is the ability to adjust the crop spacing multiple times during the cultivation without disrupting the growth. This increases the production volume without necessitating an increase in production space.

But the increase in production volume does not stop there. Compared to standard approaches, crops also grow faster with this system. Three factors stand at the base of this rapid growth. One is the light reflectivity of the system. Another is the microclimate around the leaves, which ensures an uninterrupted growth. The final factor is the sturdy root structure, which is the result of the constant availability of water, oxygen, and fertilizer in an un-fluctuating environment.

The production volume is further enhanced by the seamless transition of successive growth cycles. All these factors result in an increased production volume of 100% up to 500%, without an increase in production area.

Because all activities are focused around a central location in the company, Hydroponics increases productivity. This location can be arranged both ergonomically and efficiently, guaranteeing good working conditions and improved logistics. This ensures high productivity without adversely affecting working conditions.

It is in the interest of large companies to implement far-reaching automation. The processing of 750.000 products per man-year (1750 hours) is feasible as a realistic estimation.

Hydroponics is suitable to all varieties of lettuce. Romaine for instance, often difficult to get right, is now easily grown. The same applies to newer varieties of lettuce, such as Multicolor (different kinds of lettuce in one pot), Multi leaves, and Easy leaves. If needed to grow different products at the same time? With this systems this poses no problem. Different crops can be grown in succession as well as at the same time.