Temperature and relative humidity are undeniably very important factors contributing to the success of your cultivation. Application of a humidification installation creates a better climate for the plants. Agrotech Didam BV delivers and installs low pressure and high pressure humidification systems. Important in determining the right installation are the factors like propagation, water quality, capacity, dimensions of the greenhouse.


High Pressure

The high pressure humidification system –or the so called- fog system, produces fog with an average droplet size of maximum 5 microns. Easy to absorb for the greenhouse air. This systems are built-up out of stainless steel pipes and nozzles, operates with a pressure of ±100 bar. The high pressure low-noise pumps are built on a stainless steel frame, complete with filter and controlled by a PLC, or connected to the greenhouse computer.


Low Pressure

The low pressure humidification system is a low budget solution for your humidity problems. Installed in the top of the greenhouse, PE lines on which mist nozzles are installed, produce mist with an average droplet size of ± 100 microns. The system operates with a pressure of 4/5 bar at the nozzle. Short pulses in combination with the fine droplet, avoids in most cases wetting of the crop.