We are using the most advanced equipment, for control of entire projects. Priva, which is the worlds largest company specialized in greenhouse automation. Priva uses extremely reliable hi-speed processors and various up to date monitoring and control tools. Energy consumption has a major effect on your cost price and, therefore, your profitability.
And moreover, the energy market is always on the move. Many new government rules are coming into play. Agrotech can assist you with sophisticated systems of energy management, which you can use to align mutually and seamless your consumption of gas, electricity and CO2.


These are only a few reasons why it is worthwhile to pay attention to your energy systems.
This will give you a better insight into your energy consumption and ways of controlling it.


At Agrotech, you can get any installation or system relating to energy (savings), installations. Our people are fully conversant with the way of reducing your energy cost price.


Electrical Installations

Each electrical installation starts with a power distribution panel, which is connected to the local electricity grid on one side and on the other side to the whole electrical installation of the project. Important is here to overview the entire electrical installation in order to maintain and to achieve balance between capacity and use.

In projects equipped with grow light, distribution of power is extensive. Transformers located in or around the greenhouse are connected to the regional high tension grid or possibly to a CHP (Combined Heat Power) installation.

Switching control

The electrical installation, distributed over the entire electrical installation of the project, Al electrical equipment installed, such as ventilation and screen motors, pumps, fans, lighting, receptacles, etc. This equipment can be switched and controlled automatic and individually. For this purpose we delivers centrally located switch panels.

Interfacing (electrical) links between the process computer ,switches and controls in the greenhouse, are usually integrated in the switch panels and hooked up to the Priva computer.

When provided with a so-called BUS system, interfacing is done by a digital signal over a 2 wire cable. This communication cable runs along motors, pumps, fans and others and are able to manage digital information from and towards the Priva computer.